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The Flag by Joseph Paris: My work soon in theaters

Dernière mise à jour : 28 nov. 2022

The Flag, by Joseph Paris

This week, French Director Joseph Paris has cocluded his 7 year work on his documentary "The Flag". The film, which being shot right in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks of November 2015 documents the government repression targeting Arab, Muslim and Black families in France.

In the words of Jospeh Paris "The Flag focuses on deconstructing the identity-based political and journalistic discourse that has become dominant in France and on the decline in civil liberties. The Flag is a graphic film, a montage film; written both from the viewpoint of its author, in the wake of Chris Marker’s essay films, and the one of Yasser Louati, human rights and civil liberties advocate."

The dozens of hours of shooting and interviews given along the years are a personal testimony for those whom are dealing with the steamroller of identity politics and the crushing of human rights. This is a political testimony as far as I am concerned and a cinematographic work of art.

Stay tuned, the movie will be released in theaters in 2023, both in French and English.

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